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Originally designed for swimming pool balance tanks,  Electair Float Switches are now suitable for multiple applications.

Pendant float switch from Electair Exports

Electair Suspended and Protected Vertical Electric Float Switch

What is a vertical and electric float switch?  A float switch is used to monitor the amount of and level of liquid contained in a tank .  It can be used as a flood alarm, in a pump, for monitoring tank levels or remote automation.

* Suspended and protected vertical float switch originally designed for swimming pool balance tanks
* Suitable for multiple applications
* Electair suspended protected vertical electric float switch is not drinking water approved
* Float switches have momentary action switch
* Reversible action N/O - N/C, despatched N/O (no water)
* PVC 2182Y 0.75 suspension cable available in eight different colour markers for easy identification
* Body manufactured from PVC
* Stainless steel filter
* Shrink sleeved and potted soldered joints
* Multiple stage level devices manufactured with Crouzet M3 or E4M
* Logic controllers with web interface if required
* Suspended and protected vertical electric float switch available with or without filter screen
* Pendant style design float switch

If you are not sure how best to use a float switch for your application, then please CALL ELECTAIR EXPORTS ON 01243 842888.  We are always happy to share our knowledge and help you in whatever way we can.

Suspended Vertical Electric Float Switch Dimensions

Electair pendant float switch dimensions

Dimensions of Electair Float Switch

Electair pendant float switch dimensions

Overall dimensions of Electair  Float Switch


Float switches / Level control / Tank level / Balance tank control / Pendant float switch design / Cynergy3 vertical mounting float switch / Automation / Flood warning
For full level control, please advise us of your vertical electric suspended float switch requirements.


Don't hesitate to contact us for more float switch information or to order

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